Our Story

Shri Shakti College of Hotel management popularly known as SSCHM is reckoned as one of the finest Hospitality Schools of the country, with students seeking admissions from all corners of the country. We are proud to place in record the enrolment of foreign students and 3000 alumni members spread across the globe, occupying prestigious positions in reputed organisations.

SSCHM is that subtle ray of sun that helps conquer negativity and hopelessness and nourishes confidence and poise to face this highly challenging and competitive world. Our endeavour is to facilitate the students to occupy a better place in this modern world at the same time retain the beauty of the mind and soul.

At SSCHM, focus is on imparting scholastic and non scholastic knowledge with a goal to facilitate the student to emerge not only as a true professional but also an all rounder, and confident to face the challenge of competition and globalisation.

We look forward to welcoming you to this unique environment,

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Shri Shakti College of Hotel Management educates individuals to be successful in their careers and contribute to the nation.
SSCHM’s educational philosophy challenges students intellectual potential and prepares them for Professional lives in an ever changing and increasingly inter connected world.
Students develop the knowledge to understand a complex world, and wisdom to make good choices, than tied down by narrow options which can never be flexible or hindrance to growth.

Hospitality education

Hospitality Management is the study of the hospitality industry. A degree in the subject will be awarded  through an university  dedicated to the studies of hospitality management

Hotel management combines the skills of management with hospitality for young persons who have pleasant personalities, flair for meeting people, mental alertness and above all, etiquettes to cater to their clients efficiently, Hotel management is among the best career options.

The entrants to this profession need to have a wide range of aptitudes and preferences as their list of requirements specified for numerous segments of clientele which can be very wide and diversified. As the tempo of the growth in the hospitality and tourism is sky rocketing today, the demand for such young and dashing professionals has also increased considerably. So, if you fit the bill, go and rule the field.


  • Offer a quality curriculum that enables students to enter the professional world, or enable those who already are established to enhance or change their careers.
  • Instructors, students and administrators recognize and subscribe to the mission of SSCHM.
  • Offer a quality curriculum that enables students to enter the professional world, or enable those who already are established to enhance or change their careers.
  • Teach and enquire into the foundation for important truths, principles, ideas, facts and performance methods, so that student can make significant contribution to their chosen field.
  • Provide challenging courses of study encouraging the students to become life long learners, critical thinkers and problem solvers, who can adapt creatively and appropriately to all situations, structured or unstructured.
  • Help students to understand themselves , society and different cultures, so that they can participate effectively in the changing world around them.
  • Encourage students to identify the personal qualities ands ideals which will enable them to function ethically and responsibly.
  • Ensure the students speaks and write clearly and accurately, use computers effectively and employ library resources effectively.

Advisory Board

Mr. D.V Manohar – Chairman, Shri Shakti Group – Chairman of the Board of Governors

Ms Satya Pinjala – Executive Director / Treasurer,SSES – Secretary of the Board of Governors

Ms Yamuna Rang Rao – Director – Member

Mr. A Ranga Rao – Eminent Educationist – Member

Dr.G.B.Reddy – O.U. Nominee / Member

Mr. D V Satya Kumar – Member

Ms. Ratna Reddy – Member

Mr. Dharmin Dontamseti – Member

Mr. Ravi Prakhya Pinjala – Member

Mr.Anish Banerjee – Member