Director’s Message

More than two decades have passed in a flash for Shri Shakti Colleges which is known for its globally renowned teaching and innovative methods in hotel and hospitality education.

It gives me immense pleasure to be associated with the colleges. It is also heartening to note that so many of our graduates are entering the world of hospitality to take up new assignments. The success of the college depends on the quality of graduates. Our graduates are all over the world occupying high positions and doing very well. It high lights the effectiveness of our education and also how the students are encouraged to follow their own inclinations. Success is all about finding your direction and passion about knowing what you want to do. The role of teachers in achieving this is immense. Teachers are pathfinders to the nation. They prepare the road to the bright future for students. The skill, efficiency, reliability and sense of duty depend upon the Community of teachers. Teachers should regard their vocation as a sacred duty. They have the responsibility to mould the students both by what they teach and what they practice.

I congratulate the entire team for the commendable job being done and wish the students all the best.